SBC Week 3:1 My abnormal family

This picture is used with permission from my family so please don't use without my family's permission

This picture is used with permission from my family so please don’t use without my family’s permission

Now I can say this one for a fact, my family is in the abnormal section of the wacky scale. We’re not too weird like every night go see who can hold their breath the longest and eat cake fast, but we are weird enough and you saw us on the street you would walk, actually run, the opposite direction. Now all families are weird or special in their own way (whichever way you prefer to say it), but my family does some crazy stuff. Like sometimes at home we speak half Japanese and half English (by the way I’m Japanese if you didn’t know) and also we eat dinner really late. I mean it’s not like at midnight, but then again most families eat from 6:00-6:30, we eat at around 9:00-9:30.

But I think the weirdest thing that my family (also my favorite thing to do with my family) is the pictures that we take, Above is a collage of my family (my family is so bad at pictures I had to make a collage) and as you can already see it’s not the normal nice smile, pretty clothes, neat hair kind of picture. The thing about my family and pictures is that they are never unnatural, weird, yes, but they’re real pictures never fake. When my family takes pictures it’s like expressing the kind of family love that most people are unable to express until the moment that really matters. It’s a way to look at it when we’re fustrated and see that they are people that love em even through they don’t always say it out loud. I think that’s why I love pictures so much, it expresses so much with only a click of a button. My family will always be slightly abnormal with big mouths and strange attitudes but we got some lovin’ up in our humongous hearts.

4 thoughts on “SBC Week 3:1 My abnormal family

  1. Otomi,
    Yes… I believe everyone is “special” in their own way. I have a weird family, too (you’ve met my dad…).

  2. Otomi,
    Is it normal for families in Japan to eat at a late hour? I usually have my evening meal about 5.30pm but did notice when I stayed with some families in Japan that they ate a lot later.

    • Dear Miss.W,
      In most typical Japanese homes the dads work and the mom is like the house keeper. Depending on whether the dad gets off early or late they may eat together or not. In my case my dad works pretty late and me and my siblings have extra curricular activities too, so it’s not a strange thing for us to eat late. The reason we do this is because my dad thinks it’s good for the whole family to eat together because that’s one of the only times we see each other.
      Thanks for the comment,

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