SBC Week 1:1 The Devil and the Angel

I have to say almost everyone that I personally know has two sides, opposites, the Devil and the Angel. Although expressed in different ways my Angel and Devil sides are probably most clearly expressed through the Internet. I know that this may be a little surprising for most people but I’m actually more of a Devil in real life then online. I mean like a certain special math teacher says, (*cough*Mrs.Bunch*cough*) “Don’t go behind their backs and say bad things, say it to their face, then say the nice things behind their back.” I mean it’s true people tend to be more vicious online than in real life, but think, if you were face to face to that person would you repeat the exact same thing? Most people would say no but I can probably most confidently say yes, although I am a bit shy of the way I write too properly and formally online sometimes( the other half is because of my horrible grammar). So yeah I’m slightly( okay, maybe a lot) different from real life to online but aren’t we all, we change do to situation. I mean would you act the same way you do to the French Embassador that is offering you a ten grand scholarship compared to your friend that just ate the last cookie(no, no, no, you did not just eat the last cookie). I didn’t think so. Anyhow which side will you choose as your online person, the Angel of the Devil?

One thought on “SBC Week 1:1 The Devil and the Angel

  1. G’day Otomi,
    I love the way you have chosen the angel and devil to look at our two sides which we sometimes have both in real life and online.

    I have flipped this to the magazine.

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